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WeChat provides subscription to notifications service for Mini-programs to send important service notifications to users

Notification templates must be configured in WeChat admin panel. 

WeChat admin panel

Each template should be connected and configured individually per publisher. Template can be choosen from the templates library, according to mini-program service category. It's also possible to apply for message template verification with needed field names, max 5 fields per template. 

When template is configured in WeChat admin panel it must be configured in Gateway

Gateway cofiguration

Each field in template must be matched to proper field in JSON that sent by third-party system

JSON example:

  "wechat_id": "oRU876EBQVmCvw_70H-06dNGI",
  "message_alias": "status-change",
  "body" : { 
    "id": "13840",
    "Journal" : "Test Journal",
    "SubmissionStatus" : "Accepted",
    "SubmissionStatusDate": "2023-11-30 13:37:14"