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The Notification API is a functionality that an external system could use to send updates to a WeChat user. Under the hood notifications use Template Messages to generate the final message for WeChat user. You will be required to set up a new template message prior to sending messages to WeChat users.

WeChat Gateway has following API(Swagger UI) that your system could use to send notifications to a WeChat user(s). The Notification API requires the following fields (all of them you can be viewed in the link above):

  • Header Authorization - to proceed with a request you must be authorized as an Admin of your company. WeChat Gateway supports a modified version of the Basic Authentication - base64(username:MD5(password))
  • In the request body you must specify a wechat_id of a WeChat user that should receive the message
  • In the request body you must specify a message_alias of a Template Message that will be used to generate a final message
  • In the request body you must specify a body which is of a type that the Template Message supports (List or Object Response Type). This property will contains all information required to generate the final message.

Your system must send the request to the following domain You can find COMPANY_ID on the Integration Specification page.