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Autoreply by Keywords is interface that is used to send automatical reply to user depended on key word user typed

Information that is required to create new Autoreply by Keywords is shown below: 

Keyword create

Rule name - this is the  name of the rule (where you are using multiple rules 'name' allows you to differentiate between them)

After saving the Rule you can add keywords and text reply

Keywords and reply

Keyword - this is the word or phrase than user can send to Wechat as text message

Match type - this is the way how Keyword can be matched: Equals - user's message must be equal to keyword; Contains - user's message must contain keyword as a part

Menu response type - this is the type of response message (only text)

Content - this is the text message that will be replied to user

Keyword expamle

And in Wechat chat

Keyword reply in Wechat